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Lady Catraine the Demon of Durn

Lady Catraine The Mistress of Durn
Lady Catraine is the recently deceased ruler of the freehold of Durn. She had a rough encounter with the Deviant army. Her followers a bunch of charmed and compelled barbarian women whom lorded over the city of durn had captured Toren Beaumont. Friend, Healer and love interest to Ivy the Dancing rogue. When he was taken and held against his will the women of durn performed deviaous and pervers rituals upon him and his body. For some reason this tribe of women were after holy clerics for their purity and divine power their goal was to pervert this cleric and to infuse withing his body that of a demon. They were attempting this when the Deviant army fell upon the freehold. A spear headed attack with their new recruits crushed the barabic womens defenses. Upon entering the main room and discovering their captured comrade a fight ensued and the party was able to put up a heroic effort to save their captured comrade. Upon seeing the tide of battle not going in her favor the Lady Catraine activated some magical tattoos that would revealed her true form that of a Lustborn demon.

Freed of his captivity the battered and abused cleric immediately joined his allies and helped them to over come the enraged demoness. After which he continued to beat her corpse to mangled mess of blood and bone. The town now under the control of the Heroes who liberated the female dominated society has been a great boon to the adventurers. Durn has provided shelter income and new allies as their efforts to protect and govern this developing city have fruited many benefits. The intention of freeing their friend from captivity, has turned into so much more. Governing and protecting this strange and unique city has benefitted other holdings of the army and provided for a place to rest and recuperate along the road.

Many of the women freed of Lady Catraine's influence have stayed to protect their city but most however were slain in the initial assault upon the freehold. Only 7 women of all the forces were spared. They have been put to good use by the heroes making them serve the deviant army in more than just guard duties. New laws were put in place making them immediately available to serve in any capacity needed whenever the army is in town. The Barbarian Kin were stationed in the city, The night raiders were the forces sent out to capture men of the cloth for the demons experimentations. The huntress classes were to serve as the scouts and supplemental food providers for the city. After the fall of their Matriarch as the women returned home to their men and families they have accepted the rule of the deviant army. The proof of the demonesses treachery and deceit hangs upon the roof peak of the main keep where the demon's skull adoorns it's apex.
Barbarian Kin Leader

Barbarian Kin Lueteniant

Barbarian Kin Captain

Barbarian Kin Soldier

Barbarian Kin Soldier

Barbarian Kin Soldier

Ranger Night Raider

Rogue Night Raider

Ranger Huntress

Shaman Huntress

Fighter Huntress

Druid Huntress

Slayer Huntress
Warpriest Huntress

Ivy the dancing rogue


Blessed at Birth with Azata's sign of the star to protect her from harm, warning enemies that there would be severe consequences for any harm inflicted on her. Ivy's mother is an artisan she makes high quality lingerie for the townsfolk. Her family brand was very popular with the courtesans and tavern wenches. Her mother also makes soaps tonics and oils for hair and skin. Ivy's father was a talented blacksmith who was a master smith know for his locks and keys, unique armor, high quality brands and masterwork thieves tools. She learned in her first year as a teenager to lift small items such as coin purses ans jewelry. Ivy was contracted as an assassin to root out elements of the population who had either offended the nobles or were problematic to the greater good. Ivy's father was later murdered by vengeful kin of her own victims. Since her fathers murder Ivy is hard at work trying to redeem herself and restore her reputation not only in the eyes of her self but to those she meets upon her adventures. She vowed that after her fathers death she would never return to Monticello if she could compete in the Silver spoon tasting ceremonies.  

Corden Runderburg Leader of the Black Crow Mercenaries

Corden Runderburg the leader of the Black Crow mercenaries guild. He will gladly provide the customers with sufficient troops for a price. He is a bit stern but also very charismatic. He is not seen in a combat role much anymore. His days of adventure are past and now he is a businessman and a general now. His guid has a training facility in the countryside of Sulpointe but all his business dealings happen within the city proper. Corden loves to imbibe in harlot sweets which he has a pouch full of them in his belt. Continued use of these has drained a bit of his intelligence. But he is not a dim whit by any means Corden is a very capable man, capable of leading and training an army. His notoriety has spread far and wide and many young men seeking fame and fortune will come to his guild hall pledging themselves to be trained under him. His Crows known to be fierce in combat, loyal to any order, and unflinching in their duties as soldiers to their master. It is said that his troops have influenced the outcome of wars and moved the borders of nations.

Corden Runderburg

3 mechanics to steal from mobile gaming.

I wonder what kind of content you have seen in a mobile game that would translate well to tabletop gaming? I run a pathfinder homebrew setting every two weeks. As I have been dming for over 15 years and still have to look up the rules from time to time I have incorporated many new forms of technology to my game. Youtube for background music, Pinterest for character ideas, D20pfsrd has replaced my hardcover books, And a laptop has replaced my dm screen. I am sure this is the case for many Dm's and gamers in the community. So what can we take away from the plethora of mobile rpg games? What things do we appreciate about app's and what can be incorporated into tabletop gaming?

As a fan of the gacha games I think the first thing I have done is have a few combat npcs that I keep leveled and have available for any guests that want to game. This also provides a different feel to combat my mage likes to summon evil creatures to do his bidding whereas the wandering swordsman excels with a blade in combat. It may be one of the oldest tricks in the book running an npc for your players, But give them the choice on who to bring. I also believe that adding a good story to the Npc's can encourage players to care about them. I have an npc who was captured and raped with the ultimate goal of creating a demon from him. Well the party saved him but over time he began to change until he finally went full demon crazy and had to be locked away in what my players refer to as the phantom zone. Having this npc get captured turned into saving him, dealing with him, and now how do we bring him back? 3 adventures that all spawned from taking out what I thought was an unimportant npc.

Now I love a city builder game and I have probably tried every major app out there that lets me build a city and raise an army. As soon as the build time reaches about 24 hrs im done. I don't want to wait I want to upgrade advance and move on now not 3 days and 16 hours later. I feel that players often get this way too. Make your cities important, I have the heroes of the deviant army building towns and developing the land around them. This has been a bit of a challenge but they now have access to a blacksmith with enough skill to forge any kind of masterwork item they can dream up. The army is getting funds from collecting taxes and reinvesting into these areas of the game. Normally those towns quickly become unremarkable and lost to memory as that one place we went that one time and beat up so and so.

The rules of tabletop are to have fun and what could be more fun than running a nonstop cutscene of epic proportions? Sometimes the rules just don't cut it. When I will play a party based combat game the characters will have a signature skill that is theirs and theirs alone. I think about brave frontier marvel strike force, raid shadow legacy, and kirita the white knights. Action is pretty standard but having that final move be a cutscene described by the player or giving them a made up ability to use is often times more cinematic. It has lasting impact "Remember that time when I killed the bandit leader? vs "Remember when I impaled the bandit leader on the spear that I had stuck in my gut" Now I agree that this falls under the rule of cool and alot of people do it. But i'm going to take it one step further. My next gaming session is going to be completely off the cuff, I have a bad guy planned and the heroes will all be stuck in a dream like state (This has happened before to them) I will then initiate combat with the spirit of a pissed off oni whose grave they recently disturbed. The rules will not be a major part of this encounter. I will allow them to make up there own moves special powers and moves inside the dreamscape. Once they wake they will have their own unique move that is in no book but came from their own imagination.

In conclusion take what you can from mobile games there are a ton out there with loads of content t come up with great ideas from. I feel the three mechanics i want to incorporate into my game are large cast of unique npc's, kingdom building, and signature skills. I am most looking forward to the last one as I have yet to try it out. I would like to hear about other people's ideas of mechanics or ideas they have stolen from a mobile game and how it translated to tabletop. please feel free to leave a comment below.

30 minutes with Afk Arena

This free game for Android it popped up on my google play due to a recent update April 9th, 2019. Afk Arena is developed by lilith games who has done another title I have played Rise of Kingdoms. This is a Gacha style rpg game. Easy to play gets right into the action. I would say within the first 5 minutes I had a reward and a purple hero. Green common blue rare purple legendary similar to diablo loot coloring. Leveling your characters is fast equipping them is a breeze. I didn't feel any connection to the characters nor any story. Graphically I like the art style they chose it fits better into this game than Rise of Kingdoms which is similar. After 30 minutes I had just unlocked the town and the labyrinth. So lets look at the three main factors for a quick review.
Did it capture my attention 7/10
Was I engaged by the content 3/10
Will I play again 5/10

Final Score 5/10

I feel this game is ok for an auto battle game. It seems they have a few game mechanics that I did not get access to. For example it is called AFK Arena? Where is the arena? I can't say that the 30 minutes of gameplay I gave to this title was a waist of time. However I was not thrilled to play more. I will leave it on my phone for a bit to see if it captures more of my attention at a later date.
Main Battle Screen

Domina Leininger

Domina Leininger

Owner and proprietor of Winter Wolf Tavern she is the widow of Bartholomew Leininger who passed away 12 years ago and she has kept the bar open since that time. She has 6 girls working for her and a bar wench. The hero's have spent much time in her establishment. She is an important figure in Eastbrook and is always at attendance for city council meetings. She opens her establishment to the public anytime she is asked the winter wolf tavern is always hospitable. Most of the hero's enjoy her company hower Ivy gets a very uneasy feeling whenever she is around her. Never accepting fine drinks or other courtesies offered by Domina.

Benito Sword of the red creek


Benito is a wandering swordsman of a  very outgoing and charismatic nature. He challenged the party to a duel upon the road to Glomfjord. Benito stood his ground against 5 of the heroes and Merrick. But before he went on his way he was then taken in by Ivy as a bodyguard and accomplice to one of her schemes. The duo must have decided against departing the army for they came back to join up with the other Deviants after only a few days. Benito has earned his worth in the army by helping them clear a group of bandits from Valatheim towers. Later at a bar fight in Glomfjord he was trounced thoroughly. The heroes joke that without his sword Benito is worthless in a fight, but with it he is a welcome addition on the front lines. No one knows much about his past, his title, nor where he even comes from. It can be easily assumed he is not from this continent as his accent places his origin elsewhere.

Leon Dirwelden

Leon Dirwelden

Leon Dirwelden

Leon is a tiefling and has served for some time as a man servant at the Knellwood manor. He was the head butler and his mistress Lady Keiran Marston appointed him as her personal slave. She had an insatiable appetite for intimacy and took other lovers while he was inservice to her. Leon was sold into bondage for crimes he did not commit but after a few years in the pens he accepted his plight. It broke his soul and for a long time he was withdrawn and morrose. After coming into employ at knollwood manor it was apparent that his magical talents could be put to better use if trained. Leon now runs the day to day operations at Baremont Outpost. His time spent adventuring with the hero's of the deviant army was short lived and his management skills outweigh his potential in combat.

Merrick Reavenstone

Merrick Reavenstone

Merrick has a unique outlook on life. Depression thoughts of suicide and perversion are his 3 main character traits. He was first encountered as a hostage in the basement of a library. He was being held at the mercy of 6 beautiful women. The women were having there way with him and bound him upon a table in the basement lounge of the Library. After being saved from such a fantastic fate it was discovered that he had enchanted all the courtesans. He was then convicted by an archmagus and the trial was held. His exile from the city and parole into the Deviant Army was granted.

His life that was monotonous and boring is now filled with danger adventure and a life he feels is finally worth living. He is an experimental caster pushing the boundaries of what kind of power he can wield. Merrick has many scars upon his body from failed experiments. He has taken to tattooing his flesh with magical tattoo's. Another quirk that sets him apart is his tendency to summon evil creatures during combat. Merrick has caused no problems since his parole to the army and has been quite helpful in many encounters along the way.

30 Minute Game Review

I downloaded this free game on my ps4 pro last night. After learning a few things about it and seeing the impressive skill tree and diablo like layout I wanted to try it. So here is my first game review to be posted to Deviant Army. Let me begin by saying that mobile device gaming that allows me to click a button and let it run while I am making money at work is how I do most of my gaming. Time requirements at home to go through a 2 hour raid on FFXIV are a thing of the past and no longer suit my lifestyle. Getting my gaming in where I can is all I can hope for. As many of us adults who grew up hitting level 99 in ffvii or were scrounging computer parts to run hell mode in diablo II, life has time requirements that no longer allow 13 hours grind sessions.

So my criteria for game reviews will be based off the following. Firstly I will play for 30 minutes, did it capture my attention? Secondly how engaging was the title? did I set it and forget it or was I hanging on every word of the voice overs. Lastly will I play it again? This is going to be the 3 core things that I think drive game development. My attention more limited than my funds and my business as a gamer is dependent on fitting it into my busy life.

Path of Exile 30 Minute review

Holy shit it's like diablo!!!
Capture my attention 10/10
I replayed npc intro voice overs to get all the details. 8/10
Play again absolutely 10/10

Final score 9.3 / 10

This game will give me a quick 15-20 minute dungeon crawl or an up until 3am grindfest that I can pause and pick back up at a moments notice. I look at two games in my life as a family man FFXIV and Warframe. If my headset was on and I was trying to clear endgame content. My woman struggled to get my attention Warframe on the other hand I could be done in 5 minutes. Neither title has a pause button during a mission or dungeon. You can do it but you're going to die. I now have a 3 year old daughter in my life who needs her dad more than he needs to get that loot. So from a father who wants to squeeze an hour or two of gaming in before he needs to be in bed. This game is definitely worthy of my attention.

It's a deep character advancement system that is a bit daunting with only one game session under my belt. I fell back on my old diablo skills and did the best I could. I ran into a few problems like a skill gem not working anymore and I had 2 respec points refunded screwed that up. But I was having to much fun... I was thrilled by the thought of building a zeal paladin who hit 5 times per attack with an aura and damaged every mob near buy, while my friend ran around as werewolf cleaning up the map. I am sure to spend some time on this game in the future. If you are debating on checking it out and liked anything about the diablo series you should too.

Ivy dreaming up solutions

You fall asleep after much feasting and celebrations at Baremount. You toss and turn your mind keeps bringing up images of Torren. Your very last images of him transforming into a demon in the courtyard pit and the mage weaving spells to banish him from this plane into a magical prison. Wolves prowl around the outskirts of your vision clouded by the edge of the dreamscape you find yourself in. Occasionally a wolf will lunge from the veil and transform into a ferocious werewolf when it is almost upon you it disintegrates with a pure white energy. The sadness and fear that accompanies these dreams is so intense that you desperately try to wake from this nightmare but are unable to regain consciousness. You curl into a ball and cry holding yourself and trying to shut out the feelings of depression and fear images of torren’s cracked skin and the pain associated with his healing powers going awry loom over you. Try as you might you cannot wake up from the torment.

An unseen hand comforts you as you are being tormented and a female voice whispers in your ear “Elondra nor Kalren” it is an elven saying about without light there can be no shadows. Once you hear this voice the dream changes and you find yourself with the unicorn horn in hand the dream scarred mark is flaming with a purple and blue energy. Before you is a table with a set of pure white wings you assume they are of some kind of angel or a pegasus perhaps. Next you have an ornate scroll and a tome with a symbol of the wings. Lastly is a small cauldron that contains the unicorn horn and some unnatural looking spider webbing. A bright flash consumes the dreamscape and now you sense that you are in safe room the wings are upon your back in one hand the unicorn horn wrapped in the spiders silk pointed directly at your heart. You read from the tome in your other hand and the ornate scroll lay at your feet. It’s gold filigree and text is ablaze from light coming from a magic circle upon the floor.

A calm and beautiful elven woman clad only in divine light approaches you and whispers to you “Vasetti ren thorentil mocste un rellatho nor en tiel” I will grant you power to pursue the one you love. The light emanating from the magic circle intensifies and the mystic figure grabs hold of the unicorn horn and with your help Plunges it into your heart. There is only pure light in the dream now and pain the blue and purple energies of the dream scarred mark burn themselves from your skin all fear and hunger over becoming a werewolf has now gone and you feel a change overcome your body as it transforms into something anew. Light envelopes your skin a horn and wings sprout from your form as you are elevated from the magic circle. Your body arches with the strain of this transformation. A tail sprouts and the sense of magic courses through your body a divine warmth charges your soul.

You awake in your bed sweating and an unnatural hunger is gnawing at your stomach and jaw out side you see the waxing moon and instantly realize that this slight hunger is only going to get worse in the next few weeks to come. Your dreamscarred mark still sears with the same pain you felt in the dream. It is a brisk night and as the clouds cover the moonlight you drift off to sleep once again. No more nightmares visit you this evening.

Drunken Alchemy

You have settled down for the night and have managed to find some decent apparel to wear around baremount for the time being. After attending to the municipal matters at hand presented by Lt. Brenford Harrington you have quickly found the temporary saloon. Hosted by Valerica and Raluca the Vashkayna from the Knellwood manor party. There is music plentiful drink your clothes are still on and no one is trying to kill you. In fact just the opposite many town folk have come to pay respects to the Heroes of baremount some offer tokens of appreciation like freshly crafted bread or rare flowers and herbs. This is when you get the idea that you should be bartending and the two hostesses having a dance off with Ivy seem not to mind your presence behind the bar one bit.

Aerus starts making jokes and tipping you for serving him booze. Why isn’t my bartender hotter? Why do you still have your clothes on? Is that the best drink you can make? You call yourself a drunken master Ha!!! Master of the sloppy poured ale… Finally something snaps and you decide to start experimenting on Aerus with a concoction of your own creating know as wild blood. You roll the dice of fate and pour him one. Egging the dwarf on you know he will willingly become your lab rat for this experiment. He smells it takes a sip and eventually finishes the drink shortly there after he is off his seat talking tall tales to reeku he even takes him over to the outer wall of baremount to show him something.

Meanwhile Nordyn who is content with just taking in everything around him finally asks what exactly you made the dwarf to drink? You tell him it is a rare concoction called wild blood and can have varying effects. You don’t know Nordyn that well and offer him a dose if he would like to try one but he says he will stick with mead and wine for now. Raluca approaches and asks how you like being behind her bar? You grin and flip some bottles for her. She gives you a sly look let me get something to lift my spirits she says you give her a sly look back and on small nod. Then you are back to mixing and brewing another wild blood concoction this time fate is right on your side. She sniffs this drink holds it to the light and tosses it back. She proceeds back to the dance floor and her smile has definitely widened. Here demeanor is even more uplifted when a Reeku and aerus come back to the tent. She starts flirting hard with reeku you overhear some of the one liners and see her dancing and spanking him the giggling and dancing away.

Aerus is still boasting about his tales and has the ear of reeku and Nordyn for some time his speech is starting to slur and Nordyn flips you a gold and asks for something to help this dwarven story teller maintain his oratory skills. You give him a sly look and he gives you one back another single curty nod and your back to mixing up the next drink. You search the bar high and low for the right ingredients and come up with just enough to create just what the gnome had ordered.

You mix up a stillgut tonic and set it infront of Aerus. He carefully looks at it wobbling back and forth one eye half closed and head cocked a little he sniffs it. Then makes a stubborn dwarven effort to hoist this final glass of the evening and slam it down. Fluid splashes down his beard and onto his chest and the floor. Aerus’s head reels back and his eyes right themselves. What he thought was to be his last action of the night has now become his start of a second wind.

You tend bar for the rest of the evening serving regular drinks for the rest of the evening but contemplating the effects you could make. You observe the events that transpire through the evening but are only ½ paying attention. Your mind is working on putting together pieces of an unending puzzle that is the alchemy of a true brewmaster.

A Monkey and a Dinosaur walk into a bar

Mr. Pickles and you were the center of attention in Baremount. The town folk are always a mixed range of emotions when you come into a human town but this place was oddly welcoming. No throwing stones or cabbage no mobs of scared and unreasonable people chasing you away. In the lands and jungles of your home land no one would ever think twice about your appearance or choice of mount. But here on this continent things are vastly different from what you have know in the jungles and canopy cities. Stranger yet was this odd little village that had been established around a dilapidated old outpost on the edge of two county lines. Some of the children wanted to ride on Mr. Pickles others wouldn’t come near and hid from the gentle beast.

Drinking at the tent with the rest of these oddballs and interacting with the folk that have flocked to the banner has allowed you to gather all kinds of stories and tales of the deeds these adventurers have accomplished. One that you found particularly interesting was that Ivy and aerus met upon an airship as prisoners they were pressed into service by grey skinned race with red eyes. They were attacked mid air by another race of sky sailing people the grey skinned men secured something called the Auqan lance and teleported from the crashing ship. After surviving a crash landing and making there way down off a mountain side and a quick stop into the Blood moon altar where they slew a horde of undead and afterwards partied so hard they only recall bits and pieces of the evening. They woke with a strange mark upon their bodies and it has been growing and providing strange dreams over time.

Aerus who was drinking with Dan was spouting one tall tale after the other. He always made himself out to be the most heroic and seldom gave any of his other companions any credit. The inebriated dwarf even pointed out a whole in the outer wall of baremount where he allegedly impaled the bandit leader to the wall with a spear that was already stuck through him. To his credit the hole in the wall was there and was about the size of a spear head. He also touted how he conquered the whole city of durn and fucked all the women of the city by himself. Dan quipped that they expect the average height of the city to be diminished in the next generation. He also pulled you aside and let you know that was one of the wildest fights he had ever been in with aerus and Ivy.

Ivy who had been in a dance off with the lovely Raluca and Valerica came to tell you of some of the companions who haven’t made it this far. They have traveled with many different type of characters some were great some were a pian. She recalls a pissed off Vampire Hunter, A bard and a Paladin who always conspired together. There was even an orc and her scrawny male love slave that tried to run durn in our stead. She gets a little choked up when she mentions Torren Beaumont a cleric who they rescued from Durn and was tortured and raped by the demoness of durn. He gradually changed after we saved him unable to control his divine magic and slowly he turned into a 4 armed demon that was out of control. Zoll Halflar Venceran is responsible for banishing Torren to another realm to be held for all eternity he is known as an archmagus. She politely excuses herself after finishing the tale.

Occasionally through the night Valerica dances by you and will spank your bottom she gives a cute giggle and dances off. She continues to flirt with you for the rest of the evening. You have such a big lizard and do you like being beat or choked etc.. until she gets the point across that she is very interested in finding out what monkey style is all about and what it is like to ride your lizard. Dan who is now behind the bar whipping up drinks and shots tells you that you should take her up on her advances and that she is probably worshiper of Naele the legendary courtesan and that the Vanara race is probably on her list of races to bed. He tells you as he is mixing up a concoction that he attended a party with Valerica and there was quite a bit of this kind of behavior displayed throughout the evening until we found a dead slave girl. We had to sober up and figure out who done it. He is fairly certain the murder was put to death in the shortly after the party had ended.

A Short Dwarven Story

Shortly after your welcome return to Baremount outpost when all the pomp, the civic duties that require your input and attention are completed. It is finally time to inspect the most interesting of advancements to the outpost since your last visit. Raluca and Valerica the Vishkanya you met at the Knellwood manor party host this temporary watering hole. Many of the off duty soldiers and folk of Baremount frequent this establishment. Ivy is prancing around with Valerica, she has convinced some musicians to keep the mood lively tonight. Dan is already at the bar and looks to be a few drinks ahead of you.

Nordyn the very flamboyant gnome is intrigued by everything to do with you and your companions. The fast talking little minstrel has bent dan’s ear long enough and with Ivy to busy shaking her ass. He requests you disclose to him the details of your adventures. Seated at the bar now with Reeku and Nordyn you begin to explain the great tales of Aerus Bloodheaven. Nordyn gives you his full and undivided attention he even conjures paper and an blue feathered quill to start taking notes. He quickly states it is his dream to make your tale the most legendary. This works for you and if legend of your deeds should spread wide and far. An evil smile spreads and chuckle escapes your mouth as you hope for certain dwarfs to faint when they hear of your saga.

As you look to the barkeep you notice it is Dan the drunken master. You look oddly at him as you have never seen him tend a bar. The jokes start flying out your mouth towards dan you secretly hope that he excels at this. And to his credit Dan is quiet the skillful bartender. He offers you some very interesting drinks to say the least. One in particular was like a shot of adrenaline and crushed limestone. You felt so energetic that you dragged Nordyn to the outer wall and pointed to the exact hole upon which a bandit leader was impaled with a spear. After many tales and many many drinks finally you were ready to make your final toast and boast. But after throwing back the bland drink Dan had served to you... It wasn’t time to pass out. Oh no your dwarven resolve and fortitude righted themselves and it was only the beginning of your second wind. Reeku was not listening to your tales anymore he was to caught up in the flirtatious attention from Raluca. You overhear dan explaining to reeku about how they met Valerica.

Una makes her appearance she is showing off her dwarven assets and giving her anything less than your full attention would be undwarven. She has a few drinks with you and dances abit with the other women when Nordyn starts to get on her nerves with his questions and attention he is dolling out upon you. Una feeling a little playful makes it clear she needs some attention and she didn’t get all cleaned up and pretty to hang out in this tent. Catching the hint takes you a minute and you are taken back to her tent led by the woman you seduced in the midst of a bloodbath. You will have to remember to inform Nordyn of that tale.

When Una was quite satisfied with rolling in the furs you leave her passed out. The tent saloon of the beautiful Vashkanya is still everyone seems to be asleep. You pull out a flask and take a few nips as the brisk late night air chills your shirtless chest. You thought to go back for it but Una is resting peacefully now no reason to disturb her. The night is quiet there is time to think and you feel it again the unquenched rage. It’s like a tangible feeling in the core of your sternum adrenaline kicks in next as you have experienced so many times before. When you have nothing to occupy your mind nor asses to kick is when it’s the worst when you think back to your lost wife to your families betrayal and your exile from the place you called home.

You take another nip from your flask it’s about half gone. A nervous check of your belt and you find your drinking horn is full. A quick look around and you decide you are going to walk South towards Eastbrook perhaps you can reach the winter wolf tavern by dawn. Another pull from the flask and you set out almost stomping while you march trying to expend the pent up anger in your gut. You hear your coin purse jingle so you are confident that you can continue your drinking once you get to town and purchase a shirt if necessary. You crane your neck left to right the vertebra crack, next it’s your knuckles another satisfying series of bones cracking as you flex your fists, then your upper back by rolling your large shoulders. This is when you realize you have no weapon upon you, no armor, no gear and you are walking away from the safety that is Baremount outpost. It’s ok you only need your fists to make somethings eyes pop out of their skull.

Walking in the southern direction you blaze your own trail through the forest and hills that is your own holdings. You reach the river not anywhere near the bridge. The irritation you feel at inconvenience of this river and it’s horrible path intruding on your progress. That feeling in your stomach is starting to boil. You run to jump across the river clearing it’s girth with ease. You chuckle to yourself thinking of all the problems you had in full armor trying to clamber up upon Captain Wellingtons tri masted sailing ship. Yet Another tale you can spin for Nordyn when you next get the chance. Things have vastly improved for you and this land has brought you a different sense of home and comradery compared to what the dwarven nation of your homeland had to offer.

Turning east now that you are past the river and heading into the Eastbrook county will get you to your destination with ease. Why isn’t there a road here you wonder and you start to kicking rocks as you go. You kick them harder and farther as they cross your path. Eventually the rocks get a little bigger and the stone is getting a bit different. Shale, quartz, limestone, granite, sandstone… Your dwarven nature makes you follow this natural vein. You continue to kick the rocks as they find themselves in your way. Slate, taveritine, Granite this is really lightening your mood. Ooh marble, chalk, salt, the ground turns to a slide the rocks and rubble tumbling down into the earth. You fall you bounce off a rock wall and your head slams into a boulder cracking it into dust. Your last thought before passing out is sandstone or chalk?

The path of Fire

  For the last few gaming sessions the Deviant army has been working out of Port Shirodate. They have had some forewarning of a great evil i...