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30 Minute Game Review

I downloaded this free game on my ps4 pro last night. After learning a few things about it and seeing the impressive skill tree and diablo like layout I wanted to try it. So here is my first game review to be posted to Deviant Army. Let me begin by saying that mobile device gaming that allows me to click a button and let it run while I am making money at work is how I do most of my gaming. Time requirements at home to go through a 2 hour raid on FFXIV are a thing of the past and no longer suit my lifestyle. Getting my gaming in where I can is all I can hope for. As many of us adults who grew up hitting level 99 in ffvii or were scrounging computer parts to run hell mode in diablo II, life has time requirements that no longer allow 13 hours grind sessions.

So my criteria for game reviews will be based off the following. Firstly I will play for 30 minutes, did it capture my attention? Secondly how engaging was the title? did I set it and forget it or was I hanging on every word of the voice overs. Lastly will I play it again? This is going to be the 3 core things that I think drive game development. My attention more limited than my funds and my business as a gamer is dependent on fitting it into my busy life.

Path of Exile 30 Minute review

Holy shit it's like diablo!!!
Capture my attention 10/10
I replayed npc intro voice overs to get all the details. 8/10
Play again absolutely 10/10

Final score 9.3 / 10

This game will give me a quick 15-20 minute dungeon crawl or an up until 3am grindfest that I can pause and pick back up at a moments notice. I look at two games in my life as a family man FFXIV and Warframe. If my headset was on and I was trying to clear endgame content. My woman struggled to get my attention Warframe on the other hand I could be done in 5 minutes. Neither title has a pause button during a mission or dungeon. You can do it but you're going to die. I now have a 3 year old daughter in my life who needs her dad more than he needs to get that loot. So from a father who wants to squeeze an hour or two of gaming in before he needs to be in bed. This game is definitely worthy of my attention.

It's a deep character advancement system that is a bit daunting with only one game session under my belt. I fell back on my old diablo skills and did the best I could. I ran into a few problems like a skill gem not working anymore and I had 2 respec points refunded screwed that up. But I was having to much fun... I was thrilled by the thought of building a zeal paladin who hit 5 times per attack with an aura and damaged every mob near buy, while my friend ran around as werewolf cleaning up the map. I am sure to spend some time on this game in the future. If you are debating on checking it out and liked anything about the diablo series you should too.

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