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30 minutes with Afk Arena

This free game for Android it popped up on my google play due to a recent update April 9th, 2019. Afk Arena is developed by lilith games who has done another title I have played Rise of Kingdoms. This is a Gacha style rpg game. Easy to play gets right into the action. I would say within the first 5 minutes I had a reward and a purple hero. Green common blue rare purple legendary similar to diablo loot coloring. Leveling your characters is fast equipping them is a breeze. I didn't feel any connection to the characters nor any story. Graphically I like the art style they chose it fits better into this game than Rise of Kingdoms which is similar. After 30 minutes I had just unlocked the town and the labyrinth. So lets look at the three main factors for a quick review.
Did it capture my attention 7/10
Was I engaged by the content 3/10
Will I play again 5/10

Final Score 5/10

I feel this game is ok for an auto battle game. It seems they have a few game mechanics that I did not get access to. For example it is called AFK Arena? Where is the arena? I can't say that the 30 minutes of gameplay I gave to this title was a waist of time. However I was not thrilled to play more. I will leave it on my phone for a bit to see if it captures more of my attention at a later date.
Main Battle Screen

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