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A Monkey and a Dinosaur walk into a bar

Mr. Pickles and you were the center of attention in Baremount. The town folk are always a mixed range of emotions when you come into a human town but this place was oddly welcoming. No throwing stones or cabbage no mobs of scared and unreasonable people chasing you away. In the lands and jungles of your home land no one would ever think twice about your appearance or choice of mount. But here on this continent things are vastly different from what you have know in the jungles and canopy cities. Stranger yet was this odd little village that had been established around a dilapidated old outpost on the edge of two county lines. Some of the children wanted to ride on Mr. Pickles others wouldn’t come near and hid from the gentle beast.

Drinking at the tent with the rest of these oddballs and interacting with the folk that have flocked to the banner has allowed you to gather all kinds of stories and tales of the deeds these adventurers have accomplished. One that you found particularly interesting was that Ivy and aerus met upon an airship as prisoners they were pressed into service by grey skinned race with red eyes. They were attacked mid air by another race of sky sailing people the grey skinned men secured something called the Auqan lance and teleported from the crashing ship. After surviving a crash landing and making there way down off a mountain side and a quick stop into the Blood moon altar where they slew a horde of undead and afterwards partied so hard they only recall bits and pieces of the evening. They woke with a strange mark upon their bodies and it has been growing and providing strange dreams over time.

Aerus who was drinking with Dan was spouting one tall tale after the other. He always made himself out to be the most heroic and seldom gave any of his other companions any credit. The inebriated dwarf even pointed out a whole in the outer wall of baremount where he allegedly impaled the bandit leader to the wall with a spear that was already stuck through him. To his credit the hole in the wall was there and was about the size of a spear head. He also touted how he conquered the whole city of durn and fucked all the women of the city by himself. Dan quipped that they expect the average height of the city to be diminished in the next generation. He also pulled you aside and let you know that was one of the wildest fights he had ever been in with aerus and Ivy.

Ivy who had been in a dance off with the lovely Raluca and Valerica came to tell you of some of the companions who haven’t made it this far. They have traveled with many different type of characters some were great some were a pian. She recalls a pissed off Vampire Hunter, A bard and a Paladin who always conspired together. There was even an orc and her scrawny male love slave that tried to run durn in our stead. She gets a little choked up when she mentions Torren Beaumont a cleric who they rescued from Durn and was tortured and raped by the demoness of durn. He gradually changed after we saved him unable to control his divine magic and slowly he turned into a 4 armed demon that was out of control. Zoll Halflar Venceran is responsible for banishing Torren to another realm to be held for all eternity he is known as an archmagus. She politely excuses herself after finishing the tale.

Occasionally through the night Valerica dances by you and will spank your bottom she gives a cute giggle and dances off. She continues to flirt with you for the rest of the evening. You have such a big lizard and do you like being beat or choked etc.. until she gets the point across that she is very interested in finding out what monkey style is all about and what it is like to ride your lizard. Dan who is now behind the bar whipping up drinks and shots tells you that you should take her up on her advances and that she is probably worshiper of Naele the legendary courtesan and that the Vanara race is probably on her list of races to bed. He tells you as he is mixing up a concoction that he attended a party with Valerica and there was quite a bit of this kind of behavior displayed throughout the evening until we found a dead slave girl. We had to sober up and figure out who done it. He is fairly certain the murder was put to death in the shortly after the party had ended.

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