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A Short Dwarven Story

Shortly after your welcome return to Baremount outpost when all the pomp, the civic duties that require your input and attention are completed. It is finally time to inspect the most interesting of advancements to the outpost since your last visit. Raluca and Valerica the Vishkanya you met at the Knellwood manor party host this temporary watering hole. Many of the off duty soldiers and folk of Baremount frequent this establishment. Ivy is prancing around with Valerica, she has convinced some musicians to keep the mood lively tonight. Dan is already at the bar and looks to be a few drinks ahead of you.

Nordyn the very flamboyant gnome is intrigued by everything to do with you and your companions. The fast talking little minstrel has bent dan’s ear long enough and with Ivy to busy shaking her ass. He requests you disclose to him the details of your adventures. Seated at the bar now with Reeku and Nordyn you begin to explain the great tales of Aerus Bloodheaven. Nordyn gives you his full and undivided attention he even conjures paper and an blue feathered quill to start taking notes. He quickly states it is his dream to make your tale the most legendary. This works for you and if legend of your deeds should spread wide and far. An evil smile spreads and chuckle escapes your mouth as you hope for certain dwarfs to faint when they hear of your saga.

As you look to the barkeep you notice it is Dan the drunken master. You look oddly at him as you have never seen him tend a bar. The jokes start flying out your mouth towards dan you secretly hope that he excels at this. And to his credit Dan is quiet the skillful bartender. He offers you some very interesting drinks to say the least. One in particular was like a shot of adrenaline and crushed limestone. You felt so energetic that you dragged Nordyn to the outer wall and pointed to the exact hole upon which a bandit leader was impaled with a spear. After many tales and many many drinks finally you were ready to make your final toast and boast. But after throwing back the bland drink Dan had served to you... It wasn’t time to pass out. Oh no your dwarven resolve and fortitude righted themselves and it was only the beginning of your second wind. Reeku was not listening to your tales anymore he was to caught up in the flirtatious attention from Raluca. You overhear dan explaining to reeku about how they met Valerica.

Una makes her appearance she is showing off her dwarven assets and giving her anything less than your full attention would be undwarven. She has a few drinks with you and dances abit with the other women when Nordyn starts to get on her nerves with his questions and attention he is dolling out upon you. Una feeling a little playful makes it clear she needs some attention and she didn’t get all cleaned up and pretty to hang out in this tent. Catching the hint takes you a minute and you are taken back to her tent led by the woman you seduced in the midst of a bloodbath. You will have to remember to inform Nordyn of that tale.

When Una was quite satisfied with rolling in the furs you leave her passed out. The tent saloon of the beautiful Vashkanya is still everyone seems to be asleep. You pull out a flask and take a few nips as the brisk late night air chills your shirtless chest. You thought to go back for it but Una is resting peacefully now no reason to disturb her. The night is quiet there is time to think and you feel it again the unquenched rage. It’s like a tangible feeling in the core of your sternum adrenaline kicks in next as you have experienced so many times before. When you have nothing to occupy your mind nor asses to kick is when it’s the worst when you think back to your lost wife to your families betrayal and your exile from the place you called home.

You take another nip from your flask it’s about half gone. A nervous check of your belt and you find your drinking horn is full. A quick look around and you decide you are going to walk South towards Eastbrook perhaps you can reach the winter wolf tavern by dawn. Another pull from the flask and you set out almost stomping while you march trying to expend the pent up anger in your gut. You hear your coin purse jingle so you are confident that you can continue your drinking once you get to town and purchase a shirt if necessary. You crane your neck left to right the vertebra crack, next it’s your knuckles another satisfying series of bones cracking as you flex your fists, then your upper back by rolling your large shoulders. This is when you realize you have no weapon upon you, no armor, no gear and you are walking away from the safety that is Baremount outpost. It’s ok you only need your fists to make somethings eyes pop out of their skull.

Walking in the southern direction you blaze your own trail through the forest and hills that is your own holdings. You reach the river not anywhere near the bridge. The irritation you feel at inconvenience of this river and it’s horrible path intruding on your progress. That feeling in your stomach is starting to boil. You run to jump across the river clearing it’s girth with ease. You chuckle to yourself thinking of all the problems you had in full armor trying to clamber up upon Captain Wellingtons tri masted sailing ship. Yet Another tale you can spin for Nordyn when you next get the chance. Things have vastly improved for you and this land has brought you a different sense of home and comradery compared to what the dwarven nation of your homeland had to offer.

Turning east now that you are past the river and heading into the Eastbrook county will get you to your destination with ease. Why isn’t there a road here you wonder and you start to kicking rocks as you go. You kick them harder and farther as they cross your path. Eventually the rocks get a little bigger and the stone is getting a bit different. Shale, quartz, limestone, granite, sandstone… Your dwarven nature makes you follow this natural vein. You continue to kick the rocks as they find themselves in your way. Slate, taveritine, Granite this is really lightening your mood. Ooh marble, chalk, salt, the ground turns to a slide the rocks and rubble tumbling down into the earth. You fall you bounce off a rock wall and your head slams into a boulder cracking it into dust. Your last thought before passing out is sandstone or chalk?

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