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Benito Sword of the red creek


Benito is a wandering swordsman of a  very outgoing and charismatic nature. He challenged the party to a duel upon the road to Glomfjord. Benito stood his ground against 5 of the heroes and Merrick. But before he went on his way he was then taken in by Ivy as a bodyguard and accomplice to one of her schemes. The duo must have decided against departing the army for they came back to join up with the other Deviants after only a few days. Benito has earned his worth in the army by helping them clear a group of bandits from Valatheim towers. Later at a bar fight in Glomfjord he was trounced thoroughly. The heroes joke that without his sword Benito is worthless in a fight, but with it he is a welcome addition on the front lines. No one knows much about his past, his title, nor where he even comes from. It can be easily assumed he is not from this continent as his accent places his origin elsewhere.

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