adsense adsense Deviant Army: Corden Runderburg Leader of the Black Crow Mercenaries

Corden Runderburg Leader of the Black Crow Mercenaries

Corden Runderburg the leader of the Black Crow mercenaries guild. He will gladly provide the customers with sufficient troops for a price. He is a bit stern but also very charismatic. He is not seen in a combat role much anymore. His days of adventure are past and now he is a businessman and a general now. His guid has a training facility in the countryside of Sulpointe but all his business dealings happen within the city proper. Corden loves to imbibe in harlot sweets which he has a pouch full of them in his belt. Continued use of these has drained a bit of his intelligence. But he is not a dim whit by any means Corden is a very capable man, capable of leading and training an army. His notoriety has spread far and wide and many young men seeking fame and fortune will come to his guild hall pledging themselves to be trained under him. His Crows known to be fierce in combat, loyal to any order, and unflinching in their duties as soldiers to their master. It is said that his troops have influenced the outcome of wars and moved the borders of nations.

Corden Runderburg

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