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Drunken Alchemy

You have settled down for the night and have managed to find some decent apparel to wear around baremount for the time being. After attending to the municipal matters at hand presented by Lt. Brenford Harrington you have quickly found the temporary saloon. Hosted by Valerica and Raluca the Vashkayna from the Knellwood manor party. There is music plentiful drink your clothes are still on and no one is trying to kill you. In fact just the opposite many town folk have come to pay respects to the Heroes of baremount some offer tokens of appreciation like freshly crafted bread or rare flowers and herbs. This is when you get the idea that you should be bartending and the two hostesses having a dance off with Ivy seem not to mind your presence behind the bar one bit.

Aerus starts making jokes and tipping you for serving him booze. Why isn’t my bartender hotter? Why do you still have your clothes on? Is that the best drink you can make? You call yourself a drunken master Ha!!! Master of the sloppy poured ale… Finally something snaps and you decide to start experimenting on Aerus with a concoction of your own creating know as wild blood. You roll the dice of fate and pour him one. Egging the dwarf on you know he will willingly become your lab rat for this experiment. He smells it takes a sip and eventually finishes the drink shortly there after he is off his seat talking tall tales to reeku he even takes him over to the outer wall of baremount to show him something.

Meanwhile Nordyn who is content with just taking in everything around him finally asks what exactly you made the dwarf to drink? You tell him it is a rare concoction called wild blood and can have varying effects. You don’t know Nordyn that well and offer him a dose if he would like to try one but he says he will stick with mead and wine for now. Raluca approaches and asks how you like being behind her bar? You grin and flip some bottles for her. She gives you a sly look let me get something to lift my spirits she says you give her a sly look back and on small nod. Then you are back to mixing and brewing another wild blood concoction this time fate is right on your side. She sniffs this drink holds it to the light and tosses it back. She proceeds back to the dance floor and her smile has definitely widened. Here demeanor is even more uplifted when a Reeku and aerus come back to the tent. She starts flirting hard with reeku you overhear some of the one liners and see her dancing and spanking him the giggling and dancing away.

Aerus is still boasting about his tales and has the ear of reeku and Nordyn for some time his speech is starting to slur and Nordyn flips you a gold and asks for something to help this dwarven story teller maintain his oratory skills. You give him a sly look and he gives you one back another single curty nod and your back to mixing up the next drink. You search the bar high and low for the right ingredients and come up with just enough to create just what the gnome had ordered.

You mix up a stillgut tonic and set it infront of Aerus. He carefully looks at it wobbling back and forth one eye half closed and head cocked a little he sniffs it. Then makes a stubborn dwarven effort to hoist this final glass of the evening and slam it down. Fluid splashes down his beard and onto his chest and the floor. Aerus’s head reels back and his eyes right themselves. What he thought was to be his last action of the night has now become his start of a second wind.

You tend bar for the rest of the evening serving regular drinks for the rest of the evening but contemplating the effects you could make. You observe the events that transpire through the evening but are only ½ paying attention. Your mind is working on putting together pieces of an unending puzzle that is the alchemy of a true brewmaster.

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