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Ivy the dancing rogue


Blessed at Birth with Azata's sign of the star to protect her from harm, warning enemies that there would be severe consequences for any harm inflicted on her. Ivy's mother is an artisan she makes high quality lingerie for the townsfolk. Her family brand was very popular with the courtesans and tavern wenches. Her mother also makes soaps tonics and oils for hair and skin. Ivy's father was a talented blacksmith who was a master smith know for his locks and keys, unique armor, high quality brands and masterwork thieves tools. She learned in her first year as a teenager to lift small items such as coin purses ans jewelry. Ivy was contracted as an assassin to root out elements of the population who had either offended the nobles or were problematic to the greater good. Ivy's father was later murdered by vengeful kin of her own victims. Since her fathers murder Ivy is hard at work trying to redeem herself and restore her reputation not only in the eyes of her self but to those she meets upon her adventures. She vowed that after her fathers death she would never return to Monticello if she could compete in the Silver spoon tasting ceremonies.  

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