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Ivy dreaming up solutions

You fall asleep after much feasting and celebrations at Baremount. You toss and turn your mind keeps bringing up images of Torren. Your very last images of him transforming into a demon in the courtyard pit and the mage weaving spells to banish him from this plane into a magical prison. Wolves prowl around the outskirts of your vision clouded by the edge of the dreamscape you find yourself in. Occasionally a wolf will lunge from the veil and transform into a ferocious werewolf when it is almost upon you it disintegrates with a pure white energy. The sadness and fear that accompanies these dreams is so intense that you desperately try to wake from this nightmare but are unable to regain consciousness. You curl into a ball and cry holding yourself and trying to shut out the feelings of depression and fear images of torren’s cracked skin and the pain associated with his healing powers going awry loom over you. Try as you might you cannot wake up from the torment.

An unseen hand comforts you as you are being tormented and a female voice whispers in your ear “Elondra nor Kalren” it is an elven saying about without light there can be no shadows. Once you hear this voice the dream changes and you find yourself with the unicorn horn in hand the dream scarred mark is flaming with a purple and blue energy. Before you is a table with a set of pure white wings you assume they are of some kind of angel or a pegasus perhaps. Next you have an ornate scroll and a tome with a symbol of the wings. Lastly is a small cauldron that contains the unicorn horn and some unnatural looking spider webbing. A bright flash consumes the dreamscape and now you sense that you are in safe room the wings are upon your back in one hand the unicorn horn wrapped in the spiders silk pointed directly at your heart. You read from the tome in your other hand and the ornate scroll lay at your feet. It’s gold filigree and text is ablaze from light coming from a magic circle upon the floor.

A calm and beautiful elven woman clad only in divine light approaches you and whispers to you “Vasetti ren thorentil mocste un rellatho nor en tiel” I will grant you power to pursue the one you love. The light emanating from the magic circle intensifies and the mystic figure grabs hold of the unicorn horn and with your help Plunges it into your heart. There is only pure light in the dream now and pain the blue and purple energies of the dream scarred mark burn themselves from your skin all fear and hunger over becoming a werewolf has now gone and you feel a change overcome your body as it transforms into something anew. Light envelopes your skin a horn and wings sprout from your form as you are elevated from the magic circle. Your body arches with the strain of this transformation. A tail sprouts and the sense of magic courses through your body a divine warmth charges your soul.

You awake in your bed sweating and an unnatural hunger is gnawing at your stomach and jaw out side you see the waxing moon and instantly realize that this slight hunger is only going to get worse in the next few weeks to come. Your dreamscarred mark still sears with the same pain you felt in the dream. It is a brisk night and as the clouds cover the moonlight you drift off to sleep once again. No more nightmares visit you this evening.

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