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Lady Catraine the Demon of Durn

Lady Catraine The Mistress of Durn
Lady Catraine is the recently deceased ruler of the freehold of Durn. She had a rough encounter with the Deviant army. Her followers a bunch of charmed and compelled barbarian women whom lorded over the city of durn had captured Toren Beaumont. Friend, Healer and love interest to Ivy the Dancing rogue. When he was taken and held against his will the women of durn performed deviaous and pervers rituals upon him and his body. For some reason this tribe of women were after holy clerics for their purity and divine power their goal was to pervert this cleric and to infuse withing his body that of a demon. They were attempting this when the Deviant army fell upon the freehold. A spear headed attack with their new recruits crushed the barabic womens defenses. Upon entering the main room and discovering their captured comrade a fight ensued and the party was able to put up a heroic effort to save their captured comrade. Upon seeing the tide of battle not going in her favor the Lady Catraine activated some magical tattoos that would revealed her true form that of a Lustborn demon.

Freed of his captivity the battered and abused cleric immediately joined his allies and helped them to over come the enraged demoness. After which he continued to beat her corpse to mangled mess of blood and bone. The town now under the control of the Heroes who liberated the female dominated society has been a great boon to the adventurers. Durn has provided shelter income and new allies as their efforts to protect and govern this developing city have fruited many benefits. The intention of freeing their friend from captivity, has turned into so much more. Governing and protecting this strange and unique city has benefitted other holdings of the army and provided for a place to rest and recuperate along the road.

Many of the women freed of Lady Catraine's influence have stayed to protect their city but most however were slain in the initial assault upon the freehold. Only 7 women of all the forces were spared. They have been put to good use by the heroes making them serve the deviant army in more than just guard duties. New laws were put in place making them immediately available to serve in any capacity needed whenever the army is in town. The Barbarian Kin were stationed in the city, The night raiders were the forces sent out to capture men of the cloth for the demons experimentations. The huntress classes were to serve as the scouts and supplemental food providers for the city. After the fall of their Matriarch as the women returned home to their men and families they have accepted the rule of the deviant army. The proof of the demonesses treachery and deceit hangs upon the roof peak of the main keep where the demon's skull adoorns it's apex.
Barbarian Kin Leader

Barbarian Kin Lueteniant

Barbarian Kin Captain

Barbarian Kin Soldier

Barbarian Kin Soldier

Barbarian Kin Soldier

Ranger Night Raider

Rogue Night Raider

Ranger Huntress

Shaman Huntress

Fighter Huntress

Druid Huntress

Slayer Huntress
Warpriest Huntress

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