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Merrick Reavenstone

Merrick Reavenstone

Merrick has a unique outlook on life. Depression thoughts of suicide and perversion are his 3 main character traits. He was first encountered as a hostage in the basement of a library. He was being held at the mercy of 6 beautiful women. The women were having there way with him and bound him upon a table in the basement lounge of the Library. After being saved from such a fantastic fate it was discovered that he had enchanted all the courtesans. He was then convicted by an archmagus and the trial was held. His exile from the city and parole into the Deviant Army was granted.

His life that was monotonous and boring is now filled with danger adventure and a life he feels is finally worth living. He is an experimental caster pushing the boundaries of what kind of power he can wield. Merrick has many scars upon his body from failed experiments. He has taken to tattooing his flesh with magical tattoo's. Another quirk that sets him apart is his tendency to summon evil creatures during combat. Merrick has caused no problems since his parole to the army and has been quite helpful in many encounters along the way.

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