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Una Coldfist Confessions

Una Coldfist confessions

Una Coldfist grew up in a small dwarven tradepost called Froupa. Located in the Zothren mountain range Froupa is so small it is not even found upon the territory of Tomsk's map's . She was the middle child of 13 children sired by her Father Fym, and Mother Frey.  Unfortunately Frey passed away when before her 8th birthday. Fym attempted to support the large family but, struggled to put enough food on the table for 14. Una would willingly give up her share of her food for her younger siblings. Going hungry or eating what little scraps were left was a very common thing and hunger was no stranger to her stomach.

She had trouble making friends in the village due to a quiet and shy demeanor. Her kindness to others made her willing to lend a hand when ever needed. Una's only friends were a rock named Frëck, and a spotted toad named Goober found by the nearest river. She would often have conversations with Frëck and Goober while roaming around the village in her free time. The rock and frog would accompany her when working around the farm. Before dinner sometimes she would tell stories to her younger siblings about her adventures with Goober and Frëck. On Sundays Una would visit village holy sanctuary where she would pray and listen to sermons by village priest. Her favorite tales were about a brave Paladin from the deep underground mines of Razetch.

Una spent 16 years of her life in Froupa until the winter of Izekor destroyed most of her father's crops. The winter was abnormally cold and legend was told of Izekor a mighty frost dragon who was angered and swept the lands with unnatural cold. That winter grew extremely cold, below freezing many dwarves did not survive this frigid winter. Fym, had to wait till after winter and the rainy season to start over. Her father had no choice but to sell his children into slavery. Una was sold to a  tiefling merchant named Nomack Dusk. Nomack traveled in a caravan.  For several years they would travel through the country side of Tomsk making a circuit around the continent. Swindling townsfolk of their money. Selling novelty potions and spells. Convincing they are genuine. Before entering a town. Nomack would beat Una. Break a bone or two. Then dump her a few miles away from the nearest town to make it “more real” during the sale. He “pick” her out from the crowd and heal her with the “potions” after every successful sale. Nomack would celebrate. By using her for his Sadistic pleasure. After several months of torture. Nomack, took it far. Nearly killing Una with his Winterbane. A war hammer he accepted as payment. When he wasn't looking, Una grabbed the hammer from him. Dusk tried to convince her to give it back. Charm her. Eventually she would give it back. By burying it in his skull. She escapes, nearly half dead but with Wintersbane still bloody and a piece of Nomack right horn. Now homeless and nowhere to go. Una would run far as she could north to Norveniks. With her injuries slowing the pace she fell one night not certain to rise when she blacked out a dream came to her.

She would take what knowledge she had of healing and put it to a more noble cause. There was a presence in the dream that could only be described as divine. She was bathed in warm light and when she woke she was driven to seek this light and put her meager talents to better use. Una would start her new path in the most northern city of Norveniks. She arrived battered bruised and half starved from the intense journey.  She sought a church a true and proper holy place where she was taken in by a human priest. Hamlin Grobenthal took her into the church and provided a bed to sleep on, a bowl of stew and bread to fill her belly. The priest would help Una discover that the goddess Kai-Lara was the one who had visited her in her journey to Norveniks. This conversation would set her on the path to become a Paladin of Kai-Lara. Una and Hamlin became as teacher and pupil she perfected her healing with his aid and learned of other religions and teachings from across the realms. She would often exercise in the courtyard and was invited to spar with the city guard as they recognized her proficiency with Wintersbane.

Una Coldfist daughter to Fim and Frey the farmgirl from Froupa was finally living well and was finding happiness again in her life. The memories of times with her siblings telling tall tales of her adventure with Goober and Frëck were a pleasant sentiment from her past. However the beatings lies deceit and dishonesty to which she was unwillingly a part of with Nomack Duck and his murder would require serious atonement. She prayed about this and in time another dream came to her. She would seek out the sacred texts of Kai-Lara in the Valatheim towers. There she would have to join an unsavory lot of bandits which will allow her to care for the miners residing within. Allowing her to study the sacred texts held withing the monastery. Finally in the last few images she would meet her king one whom she would serve and serve well. She dreamt of them meeting amidst a battle and everything would fade away except the two dwarves they would stop fighting and make love. She was fascinated by how intense the dream was and would often fantasize about meeting her dwarven lover. A fallen king from under the mountains a true dwarf one who would be her fixer up project. Every woman needs a good man to make better and this fine specimen of dwarven muscle and rage would be the perfect choice for her. It was destined to be and she prayed about him and for him often.

She would have to travel a significant path crossing land and seas to reach her destination. Her travels would be arduous and dangerous taking her to a completely unfamiliar part of the world. The trip took much planning and finances.  Her now true skills as a healer and refined might as a warrior skillfully trained with the war hammer paved her way to the far off destination. Many would fall to Wintersbane along the way. However Una would only resort to violence when her opponents were truly wicked or unjust. Kowing her path would take her into the midst of just that type she would vow never to kill unless necessary. Una would not ever feel guilt or remorse for taking an evil life. Infact she couldn't remeber the last time she had a nightmare about Nomack and his abuse.

Upon reaching Glomfjord she was harassed for being a dwarf but her mild manners and cool composure got her through with out too much trouble. The towers were as she had envisioned in the dream. The Leader of the Green Bandits was a reprehensible individual but on the account of a healer wishing to stay in the tower with the agreement to heal any of his wounded allies she was permitted access to a room and use of the monastery. Finley Snow and his men controlled a strategic position upon the path from Glomfjord to the Freehold of Durn. He would extort travelers for money and harass the barbarian women from the free hold often letting them pass in exchange for sexual favors. This worked about half the time the other half someone would end up bloody and it was her job to heal them. Most of her time was spent studying the sacred texts which she easily found in the towers only monastery. Not a great part of her life and filled with the vile company of the green band gang.

 Until a certain group of heroes came and “liberated” the towers. Una, always preferred to avoid unjust combat would stay in the second tower. The screams and bloodshed rapidly drew closer. She listened to the battle from her room. She opened the door quietly peeking her little dwarf head out. At the end of the hall she sees another dwarf. Male, Raven black hair, An impressive sight. Standing in front of her. Watching him fight. She walks out of the room. The male dwarf catches her in the corner of his eye. Looks at her calmly as she charges after him. As she approaches she see's him as the dwarf from her dreams. She feels her heart ache her mind reels she is his. She knew it as soon as he spoke commanding her as he would a common whore. She was wet as soon as her brain registered his mandate. She was completely utterly helplessly his. His intimidation only thrilled her more this was an interesting discovery for her. Her head was swimming as he took her in his powerful arms and carried her away from the battle.

Soon she was back in her room on all fours. Being taken by the Impressive dwarf. While she feels every thrust. She thinks to herself “how did I get here? Who is this? Why is he doing this? I must get him off me. But he's so strong. And he feels so good” after a moment's. She feels the power of his finish. She lies prone on the floor. Feeling defeated, vulnerable and satisfied. The dwarf stands over her, stares at her with lustful hazel eyes. His muscles, glistens with blood and sweat. He grabs Una by her collar. Brings her in close, stares her down. Sniffs on her. “you're coming with us” the male dwarf growls. Una whimpers. Nods yes. He drags her back to the others. One of the others. Call him “Areus” the name bores into her mind. He drags her into another room. The monk in the group gives one of her only tollerable companions Enid a chance to walk away from all this. Enid and Una glance at each other. Una sprouts a little smile at her. But it goes away when Enid runs. Leaving Una alone. The group leaves the 2nd tower and carry on. Una and Areus stay behind. Areus brushes her hair behind her ear. “You are with me now. I will protect you. Won't let anything happen to you” after everything that's happened in her life. She feels a sort of comfort in those words. Knowing everything will be okay.

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