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2 gaming sessions have past

Our intrepid heroes have traveled for 3 weeks upon the recently purchased Poison Princess to Port Shirodate. Upon their travel they had an interesting encounter at sea. As an eerie mist spread across the sea the Poison princess was caught in an encounter between two very dangerous creatures. A undead whale known as a Baki Kujira with swarms of undead creatures feasting on it's rotting flesh . Also a Brine Dragon who used the poison Princess as bait. The mere presence of the two very powerful creatures overwhelmed the minds of the party and they struggled to maintain composure. Fearing for their lives the dragon issued orders to the crew and heroes this did not help them fear him any less but they were spurred into action.

 The heroes following direction from the Brine dragon successfully helped him eliminate the undead filth from his waters. The power of the dragons breath weapon and the ferocity of it's claws decimated the undead whale. Its glowing eyes and rotting flesh were hauled away by some of the dragons minions. Following the fight the dragon then landed on the wheel house and transformed into a beautiful male pirate clad in blue and green finery. He then walked the deck collecting tribute from everyone.

Upon reaching Port Shirodate they were greeted by a Blue Dragonkin who thanked them for their tribute to the lord of the sea. After the warm welcome and a tour of the city the heroes decided to shop for some well deserved goods. They met Green Devil an orc sword saint who made the best armor and weapons at his notorious store the Iron edge. Having a poor demeanor towards dwarfs this Orc ended up liking the respect he was given by Aerus and Una and decided to serve them in his establishment. They were turned away from the Wudan sanctuary as only one of the party was a Dan and allowed access.

They found that to reach the monastery high upon mount Wudan they would need to pass 4 trials at a  master level. The path of fire, steel, shadow, and nightmare. Since they had a Dan in the group who had completed the novice trials these 4 master level tasks would get them access to ascend the mountain and reach the Monastery in the clouds. Zhan Xiang a very powerful monk would provide the tasks to the hero's sent them to pass the trial of fire. This would be a fight against a pyro hydra. Its' lair would be located where ice and lava met finding this area amidst the mountain range would require the help of a friendly seagull. After correctly navigating the mountains and reaching the correct location the lair of the beast was discovered and the party proceeded in an attempt to slay the beast. After multiple head growths and flames spit upon them and one bath in lava the heroes triumphed over this magical beast and collected vials of his blood to return to Zhan Xiang.

The next quest doled out by the monk was for the path of steel and the clues held within pointed to the caustic nature of the beast. Now equipped with potions that would protect them the once again found some information from the general store owner that would lead them to the correct area where limestone and foul water met. They would then discover the acrid smelling lair of the beast. One of the most disturbing features was the lifelike statues scattered across the area. This was accompanied with the ground breaking away beneath them and creating pools of acid where they would be damaged but fortunately for the heroes the drank their newly acquired potions before entering the area. Ivy would fly ahead and scout discovering to her misfortune that the lair was home to a Gorgon. A green cloud of smoke enveloped her and she was petrified mid air. The beast would then charge through his terrain using his hooves and horns to his advantage.

The gorgon would once again breath his noxious fumes across the party and petrify some of them. Others would counter his charges, an arrow would find purchase dead center in his flank, the allosaurus would take a bite out of the metal and gold trimmed hide. Ivy performed her flyby attacks, Dan used his drunken strength and Aerus broke the ground creating an acid pool at his feet delaying the beast's charges. Reeku summoned thunder storms that the gorgon was lucky enough to avoid. This lead to a long combat and eventually the Deviant Army was successful in taking down the beast. Gaining his eye scales meat and other treasures about the lair. 

The path of Fire

  For the last few gaming sessions the Deviant army has been working out of Port Shirodate. They have had some forewarning of a great evil i...